“Untitled” produced with accompaniment from James Brouwer and Joseph Gilmore was an extended duration digital music and motion graphics performance and installation environment. Utilizing computers, data projector & Max/MSP software. The installation took place at the National Review of Live Art, The Arches, Glasgow, UK. Saturday 17th February 2001. The intended duration of 8 hours was cut short due to a fire alarm and evacuation.

The continuation of a series of works exploring the balance/imbalance between computer and user within generative audio-visual environments. Compositional control and decision making is fully handed over to neither party. A collaboration between software programmers, computer technicians, procedural systems and the artists. It is only intended to communicate itself and the experience of itself within its environment, an experiment in non-representative art devoid of theatrical or poetic ideas that could be better communicated in other forms of expression. It is also intended to draw attention away from the artist as governing creator, in a way it is an attempt at non-representational impersonal artwork. For the duration of the piece the artists are present in the space responding to and modifying the work with imperceptible interactions. The audience drawing parallels with perceptual art, abstracted video game play and an exaggerated form of sterile minimalist sculpture."

National Review of Live Art, The Arches, Glasgow, UK. January 2000.