Soft Ocean Hotel | Alexander Peverett | 2002 | Dur: 16m 38s | DV PAL
A four part computer generated, raster-based, abstract video music composition exploring the creation and motion of a variety of pixelated textures, patterns, gradients and colour rhythms fused with electronic audio.
Soft Ocean Hotel was produced in residency at Lovebytes Digital Arts Festival in 2002. It was Commissioned by Lovebytes in partnership with the Studio of the North, funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Regional Arts Lottery Programme. It has been screened at several international festivals including Sonar (Barcelona), All Tomorrows Parties (UK) and Lovebytes (UK). It is available on the "Volatile Media" DVD alongside Video works by Terre Thaemlitz, People Like Us, Steve Hawley, Matt Pyke and others.